Coaching & Mentoring

We help people bring meaning to their doing.


Believes work is a gift, but it can be a struggle if asked to provide more in life than it is designed to do.

Coaching begins from a place where work takes its important place within a balanced perspective on work and life with an eye towards the flourishing of the individual being coached and the business she leads or participates in.

Recognizes work is a constant struggle to execute tasks within a balanced framework of work and life, focused on goals that are life-giving, purposeful, and directed towards well thought business objectives.

We approach coaching of leaders and managers through three strategic and operational lenses:

Vision & Leadership

Simplification & Clarification

Delegation & Accountability

Based on these three lenses TrueWorks helps the leader of manager categorize the work, create a plan of action, and follows through with mentorship designed to support the leader and manager as they progress the plan.

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