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H-town Fellows Intensive.

The H-town Fellows Intensive is a communal and educational journey towards reinvigorating how we live, work, and play in light of God's redemptive work through Jesus. The Christian faith has been privatized and restricted to just a few moments in a typical workweek.

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H-Town Fellows

Intensive was formed to remedy this  restrictive view of God’s activity in the world.

Learn to view their lives and culture through a different lens by returning to the Scriptures and Christian tradition. This lens encourages and equips Christians from all vocations to see their work as part of God's redemptive purpose.

Commit to meeting together weekly for nine  months to discuss assigned material. Some material is familiar,  and some is challenging. Because we are a diverse group of  learners, we have created a podcast to discuss the key ideas of  each week’s reading.


6 Week Faith & Work Training.

This 6-week course will guide participants in understanding a worldview that helps us comprehend the FULL story of what Jesus came to do and how we are to live our lives.

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Redemptive Labs.

Labs are 3-day pre-designed, locally hosted gatherings designed by Praxis

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Coaching & Mentoring

TrueWorks coaching begins from a place where work takes its important place within a balanced perspective on work and life with an eye towards the flourishing of the individual being coached and the business she leads or participates in.

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