Training together.

This 6-week course will guide participants in understanding a worldview that helps us comprehend the FULL story of what Jesus came to do and how we are to live our lives.

The Training Course can be brought into a company or organization and done there for 6 weeks, or off-site as well.  It can also be offered in a church training setting

6 Week Faith & Work Training

We often live our lives in silos.  Our life at home and our faith are very separate from our life at work.  Our approach to work is different and even generationally varies, depending on our experiences.

When Christians speak of work and how God might fit into that picture, it generally conjures up images of placing a Bible on the corner of one's desk or deciding we should go into a field that looks like pastoral ministry. But when TrueWorks talks about faith and work, we are not talking about these things. Nor are we talking about some sort of formula that many versions of Self-Help Christianity (think "5 steps to being a Christian at work") offer.

We ARE talking about living our lives wholistically and intentionally, where our faith and work are seamless, where there are no formulas, but instead the forming of a worldview that changes how we see our work and interact with others.

This worldview integrates our whole life with the very person of Jesus.

We recognize that well-formed people create well-formed ventures.

There is no formula here, only a framework by which we are called to live our lives as a whole – not in silos, not with step-by-step instructions - but through the forming of a worldview given to a people who have been made by God, for God.

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